Chapter 31: Frequently Asked Questions about Excel Programming


Understanding Excel quirks

Exploring FAQs about Excel programming

Getting VBE help

Getting the Scoop on FAQs

If you like to cruise the Internet, you're undoubtedly familiar with FAQs — lists of frequently asked questions (and their answers) about a particular topic. FAQs are prevalent in the discussion groups and are posted in an attempt to reduce the number of messages that ask the same questions over and over again. They rarely serve their intended purpose, however, because the same questions keep appearing despite the FAQs.

I've found that people tend to ask the same questions about Excel programming, so I put together a list of FAQs that cover the following programming topics for Excel:

Excel quirks that you can and can't work around

Frequently asked questions about Excel programming

Some help getting around in the Visual Basic Editor

Although this FAQ list certainly won't answer all your questions, it covers many common questions and might set you straight about a thing or two.

I organized this list of questions by assigning each question to one of these categories:

General Excel questions

The Visual Basic Editor (VBE)

Sub procedures

Function procedures

Objects, properties, methods, and events



Excel user interface modification

In some cases, my classifications are rather arbitrary; a question could justifiably be assigned to other categories. Moreover, ...

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