Appendix A: Excel Resources Online

If I've done my job, the information provided in this book will be very useful to you. The book, however, can't cover every conceivable topic about Excel. Therefore, I've compiled a list of additional resources that you may find helpful.

I classify these resources into four categories: Excel's Help system, Microsoft technical support, Internet newsgroups, and Internet Web sites.

The Excel Help System

Many users forget about an excellent source of information: the Excel Help system. This Help information is available by clicking the question mark icon in the upper-right corner of Excel's window or just by pressing F1. Either of these methods displays Excel Help in a new window. You can then type your search query and click Search.

If you're working in the Visual Basic Editor, you can get help by using either of these methods:

Type a search query in the box to the right of the menu bar and press Enter.

Move the blinking cursor within any keyword, object, property, or method, and press F1.

The Excel Help system isn't perfect — it often provides only superficial help and ignores some topics altogether. But if you're stuck, a quick search of the Help system may be worth a try.

Microsoft Technical Support

Technical support is the common term for assistance provided by a software vendor. In this case, I'm talking about assistance that comes directly from Microsoft. Microsoft's technical support is available in several different forms.

Support options ...

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