Chapter 4: Sharing Workbooks and Worksheet Data

In This Chapter

arrow.png Sharing online workbooks with clients and co-workers

arrow.png Sharing Excel data with other Office programs

arrow.png Inserting Excel data into Word and PowerPoint documents

arrow.png Exporting workbooks as PDF, XPS, and HTML (web page) files

Sharing data between Excel and other Windows programs that you use is the topic of this chapter. Perhaps the most straightforward way to share worksheet data is by sharing the Excel workbook saved in the cloud on your SkyDrive, on your SharePoint team site, or in your Dropbox.

In some cases, data sharing involves getting Excel data tables, data lists, and charts into other Office 2013 programs that you use, especially Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. In other cases, data sharing involves getting data generated in other programs, such as in tables and lists created in Microsoft Word and contacts maintained in Microsoft Outlook, into an Excel worksheet.

In addition to data sharing that involves bringing data stored in different types of documents into Excel worksheets, the program supports ...

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