Chapter 2: Filtering and Querying a Data List

In This Chapter

arrow.png Understanding how to filter and query a data list

arrow.png Using AutoFilter to filter out unwanted data

arrow.png Filtering a list with custom criteria

arrow.png Filtering a list on font color, fill color, or cell icons

arrow.png Using Database functions to compute statistics from records that match your filter criteria

arrow.png Performing external data queries with text files, web pages, and data files kept in other database sources

It’s one thing to set up a data list and load it with tons of data and quite another to get just the information that you need out of the list. How you go about extracting the data that’s important to you is the subject of this chapter. The procedure for specifying the data that you want displayed in an Excel data list is called filtering the data list or database. The procedure for extracting only the data that you want from the database ...

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