Chapter 29: Excel and the Internet

In This Chapter

Saving a workbook to an internet location

Saving Excel files in HTML format

Creating hyperlinks

Importing data from a web page

Most people who use a computer are connected to the Internet. The web has become an important way to share, collaborate, and gather information from myriad sources. To help you with these tasks, Excel has the capability to create files that you can use on the Internet and also to gather and process data from the web. This chapter covers topics related to Excel and the Internet.

Saving a Workbook on the Internet

Excel 2013 makes it very easy to save your work to your SkyDrive or to a SharePoint site. Doing so lets you access the workbook from any computer that has Internet access, no matter where you are. And the computer doesn't have to have Excel installed. Sign in to your SkyDrive or SharePoint account, and you can download the file and work on it locally or view it (and perhaps do minor editing) directly in your web browser using the Excel Web App.

To save a file to the Internet, choose File ⇒ Save As, and then select SkyDrive or SharePoint in the Places section of the Save As screen. Click Browse, and choose a directory for the file. If you want, you can share the workbook with others — but only one person at a time can edit the file. You must be signed in to your SkyDrive or SharePoint account in order to save a file to one of these locations.

Figure 29.1 shows an Excel workbook that was saved to ...

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