Appendix C: This Book's Website

This appendix describes the files that were created to accompany this book. To download these files, use your browser to navigate to this URL:

The book's website contains more than 300 files used as examples in the book. The files are organized by chapter. With a few exceptions, the files are all Excel 2013 files that have one of the following extensions:

.xlsx: Excel workbook file

.xlsm: Excel workbook file that contains VBA macros

.xlam: Excel add-in file that contains VBA macros

When you open an XLSM file, Excel may display a security warning that tells you that macros have been disabled. To enable macros, click the Options button in the security warning panel and then select Enable This Content.

Because the files are from a trusted source, you may want to copy the files to your hard drive and then designate the top-level folder as a trusted location. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Start Excel and choose File⇒Options to display the Excel Options dialog box.

2. In the Excel Options dialog box, click the Trust Center tab.

3. Click the Trust Center Settings button.

4. In the Trust Center dialog box, click the Trusted Locations tab.

5. Click the Add New Location button to display the Microsoft Office Trusted Location dialog box.

6. In the Microsoft Office Trusted Location dialog box, click the Browse button and locate the folder that contains the files.

7. Make sure you select the option labeled ...

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