Chapter 5

Math and Statistical Formulas

In This Chapter

arrow Rounding off numbers

arrow Raising numbers to powers and finding square roots

arrow Conditional summing

arrow Using basic statistical functions, such as AVERAGE, MIN, and MAX

arrow Building formulas that count

arrow Using specialized statistical functions

This chapter examines two larger categories of Excel functions: Math & Trig and statistical functions. The Math & Trig functions are found on the Math & Trig command button’s drop-down menu on the Ribbon’s Formulas tab (the button with the θ on the book cover). This category includes all the specialized trigonometric functions such as those that return the sine, cosine, or tangents of various angles and logarithmic functions (for finding the base-10 and natural logarithms of a number), along with the more common math functions for summing numbers, rounding numbers up or down, raising a number to a certain ...

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