Excel 2016 For Dummies

Book description

Let your Excel skills sore to new heights with this bestselling guide

Updated to reflect the latest changes to the Microsoft Office suite, this new edition of Excel For Dummies quickly and painlessly gets you up to speed on mastering the world's most widely used spreadsheet tool. Written by bestselling author Greg Harvey, it has been completely revised and updated to offer you the freshest and most current information to make using the latest version of Excel easy and stress-free.

If the thought of looking at spreadsheet makes your head swell, you've come to the right place. Whether you've used older versions of this popular program or have never gotten a headache from looking at all those grids, this hands-on guide will get you up and running with the latest installment of the software, Microsoft Excel 2016. In no time, you'll begin creating and editing worksheets, formatting cells, entering formulas, creating and editing charts, inserting graphs, designing database forms, and more. Plus, you'll get easy-to-follow guidance on mastering more advanced skills, like adding hyperlinks to worksheets, saving worksheets as web pages, adding worksheet data to an existing web page, and so much more.

  • Save spreadsheets in the Cloud to work on them anywhere
  • Use Excel 2016 on a desktop, laptop, or tablet
  • Share spreadsheets via email, online meetings, and social media sites
  • Analyze data with PivotTables

If you're new to Excel and want to spend more time on your actual work than figuring out how to make it work for you, this new edition of Excel 2016 For Dummies sets you up for success.

Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. How to Use This Book
      3. What You Can Safely Ignore
      4. Foolish Assumptions
      5. How This Book Is Organized
      6. Conventions Used in This Book
      7. Where to Go from Here
    3. Part 1: Getting Started with Excel 2016
      1. Chapter 1: The Excel 2016 User Experience
        1. Excel’s Ribbon User Interface
        2. Launching and Quitting Excel
        3. Help Is on the Way
      2. Chapter 2: Creating a Spreadsheet from Scratch
        1. So What Ya Gonna Put in That New Workbook of Yours?
        2. Doing the Data-Entry Thing
        3. It Takes All Types
        4. Fixing Those Data Entry Flub-Ups
        5. Taking the Drudgery out of Data Entry
        6. How to Make Your Formulas Function Even Better
        7. Making Sure That the Data Is Safe and Sound
        8. Saving the Workbook as a PDF File
        9. Document Recovery to the Rescue
    4. Part 2: Editing without Tears
      1. Chapter 3: Making It All Look Pretty
        1. Choosing a Select Group of Cells
        2. Using the Format as Table Gallery
        3. Cell Formatting from the Home Tab
        4. Formatting Cells Close to the Source with the Mini-bar
        5. Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
        6. Calibrating Columns
        7. Futzing with the Fonts
        8. Altering the Alignment
        9. Doing It in Styles
        10. Fooling Around with the Format Painter
        11. Conditional Formatting
      2. Chapter 4: Going Through Changes
        1. Opening Your Workbooks for Editing
        2. Much Ado about Undo
        3. Doing the Old Drag-and-Drop Thing
        4. Copying Formulas with AutoFill
        5. Cut and Paste, Digital Style
        6. Let’s Be Clear about Deleting Stuff
        7. Staying in Step with Insert
        8. Stamping Out Your Spelling Errors
        9. Eliminating Errors with Text to Speech
      3. Chapter 5: Printing the Masterpiece
        1. Previewing Pages in Page Layout View
        2. Using the Backstage Print Screen
        3. Printing the Current Worksheet
        4. My Page Was Set Up!
        5. From Header to Footer
        6. Solving Page Break Problems
        7. Letting Your Formulas All Hang Out
    5. Part 3: Getting Organized and Staying That Way
      1. Chapter 6: Maintaining the Worksheet
        1. Zooming In and Out
        2. Splitting the Worksheet into Windows
        3. Fixed Headings with Freeze Panes
        4. Electronic Sticky Notes
        5. The Range Name Game
        6. Seek and Ye Shall Find …
        7. Replacing Cell Entries
        8. Doing Your Research with Smart Lookup
        9. Controlling Recalculation
        10. Putting on the Protection
      2. Chapter 7: Maintaining Multiple Worksheets
        1. Juggling Multiple Worksheets
        2. Don’t Short-Sheet Me!
        3. Opening Windows on Your Worksheets
        4. Comparing Worksheets Side by Side
        5. Shifting Sheets to Other Workbooks
        6. Summing Stuff on Different Worksheets
    6. Part 4: Digging Data Analysis
      1. Chapter 8: Doing What-If Analysis
        1. Playing What-If with Data Tables
        2. Playing What-If with Goal Seeking
        3. Making the Case with Scenario Manager
      2. Chapter 9: Playing with Pivot Tables
        1. Data Analysis with Pivot Tables
        2. Formatting Pivot Tables
        3. Sorting and Filtering Pivot Table Data
        4. Modifying Pivot Tables
        5. Creating Pivot Charts
    7. Part 5: Life beyond the Spreadsheet
      1. Chapter 10: Charming Charts and Gorgeous Graphics
        1. Making Professional-Looking Charts
        2. Adding Great-Looking Graphics
        3. Controlling How Graphic Objects Overlap
        4. Printing Just the Charts
      2. Chapter 11: Getting on the Data List
        1. Creating Data Lists
        2. Sorting Data Lists
        3. Filtering Data Lists
        4. Importing External Data
      3. Chapter 12: Linking, Automating, and Sharing Spreadsheets
        1. Using Office Add-ins
        2. Using Excel Add-Ins
        3. Adding Hyperlinks to a Worksheet
        4. Automating Commands with Macros
        5. Sharing Your Worksheets
    8. Part 6: The Part of Tens
      1. Chapter 13: Top Ten Beginner Basics
      2. Chapter 14: The Ten Commandments of Excel 2016
      3. Chapter 15: Top Ten Ways to Manage Your Data
      4. Chapter 16: Top Ten Ways to Analyze Your Data
    9. About the Author
    10. Connect with Dummies
    11. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Excel 2016 For Dummies
  • Author(s): Greg Harvey
  • Release date: June 2016
  • Publisher(s): For Dummies
  • ISBN: 9781119293439