CHAPTER 7VBA Programming Examples and Techniques

Learning by Example

Most beginning VBA programmers benefit from hands-on examples. A well-thought-out example usually communicates a concept much better than a description of the underlying theory. Therefore, instead of taking you through a painful review of every nuance of VBA, this chapter guides you through demonstrations of useful Excel programming techniques.

Here, you will walk through examples that solve practical problems while furthering your knowledge of VBA. This includes the following:

  • Working with ranges
  • Working with workbooks and sheets
  • VBA techniques
  • Functions that are useful in your VBA procedures
  • Functions that you can use in worksheet formulas
  • Windows API calls

Working with Ranges

The examples in this section demonstrate how to manipulate worksheet ranges with VBA.

Specifically, we provide examples of copying a range, moving a range, selecting a range, identifying types of information ...

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