Chapter 4

Sparking Inspiration with Sparklines

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the Excel Sparkline feature

arrow Adding sparklines to a worksheet

arrow Customizing sparklines

arrow Working with groups of sparklines

This chapter introduces you to sparklines. These magically named visualizations are essentially mini word-sized charts placed in and among the textual data in tables. Sparklines enable you to see trends and patterns within your data at a glance using minimal real estate on your dashboard.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of using sparklines, it’s important to understand just how they can enhance your reporting. This chapter introduces you to the concept of sparklines and then shows you how to customize and add them to your tables.

Introducing Sparklines

As mentioned in Chapter 3, much of the reporting done in Excel is table-based, in which precise numbers are more important than pretty charts. However, in table-based reporting, you often lose the ability to show important aspects of the data such as trends. The number of columns needed to show adequate trend data in a table makes it ...

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