Chapter 2

Grabbing Data from External Sources

In This Chapter

arrow Exporting data from other programs

arrow Importing data into Excel

arrow Running a web query

arrow Importing a database table

arrow Querying an external database

In many cases, the data that you want to analyze with Excel resides in an external database or in a database application, such as a corporate accounting system. Thus, often your very first step and very first true challenge are to get that data into an Excel workbook and in the form of an Excel table.

You can use two basic approaches to grab the external data that you want to analyze. You can export data from another program and then import that data into Excel, or you can query a database directly from Excel. I describe both approaches in this chapter.

Getting Data the Export-Import Way

You can usually easily export data from popular database programs and accounting systems. Excel is the dominant data analysis tool available to business. Because of this, most database programs and ...

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