Chapter 1

Learning Basic Data-Analysis Techniques


Bullet Learning about data analysis

Bullet Analyzing data by applying conditional formatting

Bullet Adding subtotals to summarize data

Bullet Grouping related data

Bullet Combining data from multiple worksheets

You are awash in data. Information multiplies around you so fast that you wonder how to make sense of it all. I know, you say, I can paste the data into Excel. That way, you’ve at least got the data nicely arranged in the worksheet cells, and you can add a little formatting to make things somewhat palatable. That’s a fine start, but you’re often called upon to do more with your data than make it merely presentable. Your boss, your customer, or perhaps just your curiosity requires you to divine some inner meaning from the jumble of numbers and text that litter your workbooks. In other words, you need to analyze your data to see what nuggets of understanding you can unearth.

This chapter gets you started down that data-analysis path by exploring ...

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