Chapter 7

Creating and Using PivotTables


Bullet Getting to know PivotTables

Bullet Using an Excel table to build a PivotTable

Bullet Building a PivotTable using external data

Bullet Putting the “pivot” in PivotTable

Bullet Grouping and filtering PivotTables

Excel tables and external databases can contain thousands of records. Let’s face it: Figuring out how to glean useful insights from that much data will either keep you awake at night or cause nightmares if you do sleep. Want to get some quality shut-eye? No need for sleeping pills when Excel offers a powerful and versatile data-analysis tool called a PivotTable, which enables you to take those thousands of records and summarize them in a concise tabular format. You can then manipulate the layout of — or pivot — the PivotTable to see different views of your data.

This chapter shows you everything you need to know to get started with what is arguably Excel’s most useful data-analysis tool. You learn how to create PivotTables, refresh them, pivot them, ...

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