Chapter 2

Saving Time with Function Tools


Bullet Displaying the Insert Function dialog box

Bullet Finding the function you need

Bullet Using the Function Arguments dialog box

Bullet Entering formulas and functions

Excel has so many functions that it’s both a blessing and a curse. You can do many things with Excel functions — if you can remember them all! Even if you remember many function names, memorizing all the arguments the functions can use is a challenge.

Remember Arguments are pieces of information that functions use to calculate and return a value.

Never fear: Microsoft hasn’t left you in the dark with figuring out which arguments to use. Excel has a great utility to help you insert functions, and their arguments, into your worksheet. This makes it a snap to find and use the functions you need. You can save both time and headaches, and make fewer errors to boot — so read on!

Getting Familiar with the Insert Function Dialog Box

The Insert Function dialog box (shown in Figure 2-1) is designed ...

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