Chapter 14

Using Lookup, Logical, and Reference Functions


Bullet Using IF to take a course of action

Bullet Returning a value with CHOOSE

Bullet Applying logic with AND, OR, and XOR

Bullet Finding where values are

Bullet Looking up values in a table

Bullet Matching data

Decision, decisions! If one of your students gets an 88 on the test, is that a B+ or is it an A? If your company’s new product earns at least $15 million in revenue, how much of a bonus should you give to the team? Or do you have to get to $20,000,000 before you do that? How does this affect the financial statements?

Excel cannot make decisions for you, but it can help you make better decisions. Using functions, such as IF and CHOOSE, you can set up your worksheet to chart a course through the possibilities. Hey, things could be worse! Were it not for Excel, you might have to try the old Ouija-board technique.

Excel also can help you find what ...

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