Chapter 9. Glossary

ActiveX Controls

Fully programmable objects that can be used to help customize applications. In Excel use, these commonly include the Command button, the Option button, etc.


A workbook saved with the extension XLA. It opens as a hidden workbook when installed via Tools → Add-Ins. An Add-In provides extra functionality to Excel.


Another term for a program. Excel is an application; some people call their spreadsheets applications.


The information a formula or function might require to return a value. Most functions within Excel require arguments for their execution. The arguments are enclosed within parentheses and are separated by commas.


A mathematical means of expressing statements in logic. A Boolean value will be either True or False.


See Parentheses.


An error in code. Unfortunately, some bugs can go undetected by the most stringent tests, and therefore they are hard to get rid of.

Command Bar

One of Excel’s many objects, used to house menu items. The Worksheet menu bar is a Command bar that houses the menu items File, Edit, View, Insert, etc.


A named item that represents an unchanging value.


A range of cells in which all boundaries of all cells are connected, with no gaps. For instance, A1:C20 is a contiguous range.

Control Toolbox Toolbar

A toolbar that contains ActiveX controls (see ActiveX Controls).


The process of eliminating all possible errors from code.


A pop-up window, also referred ...

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