Chapter 9

Power Query Connection Types

In This Chapter

arrow Extracting data from files

arrow Getting data from external databases

arrow Importing from other nonstandard data systems

arrow Changing data source settings

Microsoft has invested a great deal of time and resources in ensuring that Power Query has the ability to connect to a wide array of data sources. Whether you need to pull data from an external website, a text file, a database system, Facebook, or a web service, Power Query can accommodate most, if not all, of your source data needs.

You can see all available connection types by clicking on the New Query drop-down arrow on the Data tab. As Figure 9-1 illustrates, Power Query offers the ability to pull from a wide array of data sources, as described in this list:

  • From File: Pulls data from specified Excel files, text files, CSV files, XML files, or folders
  • From Database: Pulls data from a database such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server, or SQL Server Analysis Services
  • From Azure: Pulls data from Microsoft’s Azure Cloud service
  • From Other Sources: Pulls data from a wide array of Internet, ...

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