Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel (Video Training)

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  • In Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel, renowned Excel instructor and author Bill Jelen (MrExcel) teaches all the skills you’ll need to automate virtually any routine task with Excel and build powerful Excel macros! This package brings together nearly eight hours hours of personalized, expert video training: 50 quick, practical video lessons that demonstrate all the skills you’ll need to successfully use both the Excel macro recorder and the Visual Basic for Applications development environment. You’ll learn one step at a time, at your own pace–using hands-on examples that reflect realistic challenges and showcase Excel’s remarkable capabilities. Along the way, Jelen will take you from the absolute basics through PivotTables and data filtering.

    Excel VBA and Macros with MrExceldelivers the power of the best classroom training at a small fraction of the cost. If you don’t have time to read a huge book on Excel macros and scripting, this is exactly what you’ve been searching for!

    For all serious Excel users: managers, financial pros, entrepreneurs, marketers, analysts, and more.

    Looking for a better way to master today’s rapidly changing technologies? Want expert help, but don’t have the time or energy to read a book? Can’t find classroom training worth the money? Discover LiveLessons: self-paced, personal video instruction from the world’s leading technology experts.

  • LiveLessons are video courses, on DVD with a book supplement, that are organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions–you’ll learn key skills in as little as fifteen minutes!

  • Each lesson begins with well-defined learning objectives and ends with comprehensive summaries, which help you track your progress.

  • Follow along as your trainer shows you how to make the most of Excel’s macro recorder and its powerful VBA development environment!

  • Bill Jelen is called MrExcel for a reason! Nobody knows more about Excel macros and scripting–and nobody knows more about teaching these skills to working professionals! Thought you’d never write your own Excel macros and programs? Think again! You will…and you can start in just minutes!

    Bill Jelen, known worldwide as MrExcel, presents live Excel seminars across the United States and appears in over 800 podcast episodes. His 20 Excel books include Special Edition Using Excel 2007and VBA and Macros for Microsoft Excel. His website, MrExcel.com, answers 30,000 Excel questions per year.

    System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Windows Vista; Mac OS X; versions of Linux with the Flash 8 Player or later.

  • Multimedia: DVD drive, an 1024x768 or higher display, and a sound card with speakers.

  • Computer: 500MHz or higher, 128MB RAM or more

  • Microsoft Office Spreadsheets/Desktop Applications

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    Table of contents

    1. LiveLessons Introduction
      1. LiveLessons Introduction
    2. Part 1: Recording Macros
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 1: Enable Developer Tab
      3. Lesson 2: Recording your First Macro
      4. Lesson 3: Running a Macro
      5. Lesson 4: Keys to Successful Recording
      6. Lesson 5: Variable Number of Rows
      7. Lesson 6: Adding Tools
      8. Lesson 7: Opening a Workbook with Macros
    3. Part 2: The VBA Editor
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 8: Introducing the VBA Editor
      3. Lesson 9: VBA Help
      4. Lesson 10: Object Browser
      5. Lesson 11: Stepping Through Code
      6. Lesson 12: Immediate Pane
      7. Lesson 13: Watch Window
      8. Lesson 14: Breakpoints
    4. Part 3: VBA Syntax
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 15: VBA Parts of Speech
      3. Lesson 16: Using Regular Variables
      4. Lesson 17: Using Object Variables
      5. Lesson 18: Referring to Cells
      6. Lesson 19: Declaring Variables or Not
    5. Part 4: Making Decisions
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 20: If Then
      3. Lesson 21: If Then Else
      4. Lesson 22: Select Case
    6. Part 5: Looping
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 23: Finding the Final Row
      3. Lesson 24: Basic Looping
      4. Lesson 25: Loop Example
      5. Lesson 26: Deleting While Looping
      6. Lesson 27: Every Other Row Loops
      7. Lesson 28: Other Legacy Loops
      8. Lesson 29: For Each Loops
    7. Part 6: Worksheets Workbooks
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 30: Creating Worksheets
      3. Lesson 31: Creating Workbooks
      4. Lesson 32: Listing Files in a Folder
      5. Lesson 33: Combining Workbooks
    8. Part 7: Formulas
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 34: A1-Style Formulas
      3. Lesson 35: R1C1-Style Formulas
      4. Lesson 36: Using Excel Functions in Code
      5. Lesson 37: Adding Functions to Excel
    9. Part 8: Power Tools
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 38: Advanced Filter
      3. Lesson 39: Filter Instead of Looping
      4. Lesson 40: Pivot Tables
      5. Lesson 41: Charts
      6. Lesson 42: Event Handler Macros
    10. Part 9: Interacting
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 43: Interacting
      3. Lesson 44: Getting File Names
      4. Lesson 45: Userforms
      5. Lesson 46: Error Handling
      6. Lesson 47: Suppressing Alerts
      7. Lesson 48: Faster Code
    11. Part 10: Best Practices
      1. Learning Objectives
      2. Lesson 49: Separating Code and Data
      3. Lesson 50: Cleaning Recorded Code

    Product information

    • Title: Excel VBA and Macros with MrExcel (Video Training)
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: April 2009
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780768690729