Chapter 6

Using the Excel Macro Recorder

In This Chapter

arrow Recording your actions by using the Excel built-in macro recorder

arrow Understanding the types of macros you can record

arrow Setting the appropriate options for macro recording

You can use two methods to create an Excel macro:

check.png Record it by using the Excel macro recorder.

check.png Write it manually.

This chapter deals specifically with the ins and outs of using the Excel macro recorder. Recording a macro isn’t always the best approach, and some macros simply can’t be recorded, no matter how hard you try. You’ll see, however, that the Excel macro recorder is very useful. Even if your recorded macro isn’t quite what you want, the macro recorder can almost always lead you in the right direction.

Is It Live, or Is It VBA?

In previous editions of this book, I compared recording a macro to using a tape recorder. However, it occurred to me that tape recorders are rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs. So I modernized this section, and it now compares ...

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