Chapter 21

Creating Excel Add-Ins

In This Chapter

arrow Using add-ins: What a concept!

arrow Knowing why you might want to create your own add-ins

arrow Creating custom add-ins

One of the slickest features of Excel — at least in my mind — is the capability to create add-ins. In this chapter, I explain why I like this feature and show you how to create add-ins by using only the tools built into Excel.

Okay . . . So What’s an Add-In?

Glad you asked. An Excel add-in is something you add to enhance Excel’s functionality. Some add-ins provide new worksheet functions you can use in formulas; other add-ins provide new commands or utilities. If the add-in is designed properly, the new features blend in well with the original interface so they appear to be part of the program.

tip.eps Excel ships with several add-ins, including the Analysis ToolPak and Solver. You can also get Excel add-ins from third-party suppliers or as shareware. My Power Utility Pak is an example of an add-in (it adds about 70 new features to Excel, plus a slew of new worksheet functions).

Any knowledgeable user can create add-ins, but VBA programming ...

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