Chapter 15

Simple Dialog Boxes


Bullet Saving time by using any of several alternatives to UserForms

Bullet Using the InputBox and MsgBox functions to get information from the user

Bullet Getting a filename and path from the user

Bullet Getting a folder name from the user

Bullet Writing VBA code to execute Ribbon commands that display Excel built-in dialog boxes

You can’t use Excel very long without being exposed to dialog boxes. They seem to pop up all the time. Excel — like most Windows programs — uses dialog boxes to obtain information, clarify commands, and display messages. If you develop VBA macros, you can create your own dialog boxes that work just like those built into Excel. Those custom dialog boxes are called UserForms in VBA.

This chapter doesn’t tell you anything about creating UserForms. Rather, it describes some very useful techniques you might be able to use in place of UserForms. Chapters 16 through 18, however, do cover UserForms.

UserForm Alternatives

Some of the VBA macros you ...

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