Chapter 17

Building and Maintaining Tables


check Creating and editing tables

check Sorting the records in a table

check Subtotaling values in a table

check Filtering out unwanted data in tables

check Querying data in external database tables

Besides its considerable computational abilities, Excel is also very accomplished at maintaining vast collections of related data in what are commonly referred to as tables. This chapter gives you a chance to practice all the basic aspects of creating and maintaining tables in Excel, including building the table, adding and editing its data, filtering the table to temporarily remove unwanted data, subtotaling values in a table, and creating tables from data external to the worksheet.

Creating a Table

In Excel, a table is a range of worksheet data with a special structure. Unlike the other types of ranges that you might create in Excel, a table uses only column headings (technically known as field names) to identify the different kinds of items the table tracks. ...

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