Chapter 2. Case-Insensitive Strings—Part 1

Difficulty: 7

So you want a case-insensitive string class? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write one.

This Item is composed of three related points.

  1. What does “case-insensitive” mean?

  2. Write a ci_string class that is identical to the standard std::string class but that is case-insensitive in the same way as the commonly provided extension stricmp().[1] A ci_string should be usable as follows:

    ci_string s( "AbCdE" ); 
    // case insensitive
    assert( s == "abcde" );
    assert( s == "ABCDE" );
    // still case-preserving, of course
    assert( strcmp( s.c_str(), "AbCdE" ) == 0 );
    assert( strcmp( s.c_str(), "abcde" ) != 0 );
  3. Is making case sensitivity a property of the object a good idea?


The ...

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