Chapter 10. Writing Exception-Safe Code—Part 3

Difficulty: 9½

Are you getting the hang of exception safety? Well, then, it must be time to throw you a curve ball. So get ready, and don't swing too soon.

Now for the final piece of Cargill's original Stack template.

template <class T> class Stack 
  Stack(const Stack&);
  Stack& operator=(const Stack&);
size_t Count() const;
void  Push(const T&);
T    Pop(); // if empty, throws exception
  T*     v_;      // ptr to a memory area big
  size_t vsize_;  //  enough for 'vsize_' T's
  size_t vused_;  // # of T's actually in use

Write the final three Stack functions: Count(), Push(), and Pop(). Remember, be exception-safe and exception-neutral!



The easiest of all Stack's members ...

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