APPENDIX AOasis Disc Manufacturing: Customer and Phone Interaction Guidelines and Lexicon Excerpts

© Four Aces Inc. All Rights Reserved, Courtesy Micah Solomon

Customer Interaction Guidelines

Preferred acknowledgements and greetings

– “Absolutely”

– “I’ll be happy to”

– “Right away!”

– “It will be my pleasure”

– “My pleasure”

– “Thank YOU!”

– You are very welcome!

– You’re welcome.

– Good Moming/Afternoon/Evening

– You bet! (but don’t over-use!)

Discouraged acknowledgments and greetings:

– No problem! (this is appropriate only when you are trying to convince a customer that they truly haven’t inconvenienced you)

– OK!

– Hi.

Unacceptable acknowledgments and greetings:

– Sure.

– Uh huh (and other similar vocalizations)

– Yes? (as a response ...

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