114 Exchange Migration and iNotes Implementation on the iSeries Server
In our example, we selected our Domino for iSeries server, MAILDOM1/itso, and the
database, exchdir.nsf, created earlier in 6.2.2, Creating a secondary Domino
directory on page 109. See Figure 6-22.
Figure 6-22 Directory Assistance database: Replicas tab
e. Save and close the Directory Assistance document.
6.2.3 Assigning ACLs
To allow Notes/iNotes users to browse and select names from the secondary directory, make
sure each user:
򐂰 Has access to each Domino server that stores a replica of the secondary directory that is
used by Directory Assistance.
򐂰 Has at least reader access in the ACL of each replica of the secondary directory used by
Directory Assistance.
In our example, we gave Exchmig User/itso manager access to the Exchange Directory
database (exchdir.nsf), which is the secondary directory, to allow this user ID to populate it
with groups and person documents when the directory synchronization takes place. To do
this, we performed the following steps:
1. On your Lotus Notes workspace, right-click the Exchange Directory database icon and
select Database-> Access Control.
2. On Access Control List window, click the Add button.
3. From the Add User pop-up window, select Exchmig User/itso and click OK.
4. Back on the Access Control List window, highlight Exchmig User/itso and give the user
Manager access. Also verify that all the Roles selected for the user.
6.3 Preparing Microsoft Exchange for coexistence
This section describes the tasks that need to be performed on the Microsoft Exchange server
in order to establish coexistence with the Lotus Domino environment. These tasks include
installation of the Domino Administrator client and the Microsoft Exchange Connector for
Lotus Notes on the designated Exchange server.

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