Chapter 22

Ten Forecasts about the Future of ETFs and Personal Investing

In This Chapter

arrow Expecting slower growth of the ETF market

arrow Anticipating more ETF products

arrow Fearing higher fees

arrow Considering the economy

I try not to watch any of the investment shows on television. Stock “Expert” Number One gives his prediction of the future. Then “Expert” Number Two gives her (often contradictory) opinion. Viewers may be amused by the heated debate but never know what to do in the end.

I also usually try not to make predictions about the future, but I’ll ask you to please indulge me now. I can’t resist. It just seems like sooo much fun!

Here are my predictions, for whatever they are worth, about the world of ETFs.

ETF Assets Will Continue to Grow . . . for Better or Worse

Most people should be investing most of their money in index mutual funds or ETFs, but I don’t see that happening — not now, not ever. The initial popularity of ETFs was due largely to the interest of educated institutional investors and savvy individual investors, like you, who loved ETFs for their low-cost indexing and diversification ...

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