Appendix A

Great Web Resources to Help You Invest in ETFs

You can find anything online: gobs and gobs of information — and misinformation. And in the world of finance, there is more misinformation than information. If you pressed me, I’d put the ratio at 7:2. Following are some websites you can trust to keep you informed about ETFs and other investment issues.

Independent, ETF-Specific Websites Features a search function with intimate details on individual funds, an ETF glossary, and regularly updated news and commentary. Features some the smartest commentary on fund investing you’ll find anywhere. Boasts daily ETF news, educational articles, analysis, and an ETF screener. Find out which ETFs represent what asset classes for the lowest fees. A good, quick summary of the entire ETF world. Contains a complete listing of all ETFs available, along with ticker symbols. A gossip column of sorts for ETF enthusiasts. There’s chitchat about new ETFs on the market, ETFs pending approval of the SEC, behind-the-scenes industry workings, and rumors. An extremely convenient and quick way to get a scope on what’s available in the ETF world. See “News” under the Sections heading for the most up-to-date information on ETFs and index mutual funds. See the “Data” section to help screen for ETFs of your liking. (Click ...

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