Chapter 6: Using JMP to Share Data with Excel

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Purpose

6.3 Methods of Sharing Data between JMP and Excel

6.4 List of Examples

6.5 Examples

Example 6.1 Within Excel, Set the JMP Preferences for Loading Excel Data

Example 6.2 Reading Data from Excel to JMP

Example 6.3 Writing Data from JMP to Excel

6.6 Conclusion

6.1 Introduction

JMP is a SAS product that works like a spreadsheet. I apologize to all JMP users who believe differently, but from my vantage point as a SAS and Excel user, that is my first impression. Since JMP is an independent product from SAS that seems to run with or without both Excel and SAS, that is what I see. But, just because something “works like” something else, that does not mean that the two are always ...

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