ABSOLUTE_COLUMN_WIDTH option 130, 134–138

Access Connectivity Engine (ACE) 1, 159


data from SAS Explorer window/toolbar 9–18

data stored in workbooks 241–245

Excel data from SAS Explorer window 9–18

Excel files with LIBNAME 48–49

Excel files with SQL procedure 157–166

Excel from SAS Enterprise Guide 68

Excel with OLE DB or ODBC application program interfaces (APIs) 149–156

Excel with OLE DB/ODBC APIs 149–156

SAS Export/Import wizards 15–16

activating UserForm 248–258

Add-In for Microsoft Office

See SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office

applying Excel “AUTOFILTER” to selected output columns 136–137

ASCII_DOTS option 131


LIBNAME statement 160–161

Libref 52, 151–152

ATTRIB command 48


about 131, 136–137

applying ...

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