Alphabets ‘f’ and ‘t’ after page numbers indicate figure and table, respectively.

authority budget, 77

Balanced Scorecard, the, 125, 126f

Big Mac Index, the, 103–104

application of, 104–105

Change Control Board (CCB), 47

continuous improvement

importance in manufacturing, 45

in product development cycle, 45–46

Corruption Perception Index, 113

cultural dimensions, 56

Hofstede’s, 61f

application, 62f

individualism, 58

long-term orientation, 60

masculinity, 59

power distance, 57–58

restraint vs. indulgence, 60–61, 75

uncertainty avoidance, 60

Trompenaars, 67f

achievement vs. ascription, 65

application, 68f

individualism vs. collectivism, 63

inner vs. outer directed, 66–67

neutral vs. affective, 63–65

sequential vs. synchronic, 66 ...

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