I'd like to express my deep gratitude to those who have influenced and supported me in completing this third edition of Exercising Influence.

To my colleagues and partners at Barnes & Conti and our global affiliates—my deep appreciation for keeping the ideas and practices in the program and the book alive, fresh, and developing for all these years we have worked together. I'm grateful for your talent, commitment, and creativity every day.

To my writing group—in particular, to Bev Scott and Jan Schmuckler—many thanks for your help in shaping the new chapters. Your willingness to challenge my thinking and suggest resources was enormously helpful.

To the editors and other staff at John Wiley & Sons for making this as easy as it could be—your magic act of keeping a respectful distance, while being there when I needed something, helped this to come together faster than I thought possible.

To the thousands of people around the globe who have attended Exercising InfluenceTM workshops and put what they've learned into practice, your feedback and the gift of knowing about some of the great ideas you've moved into action inspire me every day.

And finally, to my family—especially to the other writers, daughters Heather Davis and Tamara Raetz, and my dear partner and husband, Don Bryant—my love and gratitude for being there, cheering me on, and keeping me grounded.

B. Kim BarnesDecember, 2014

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