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Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers

Book Description

AVR is the brain that runs Arduino, but you don't need the whole Arduino board to do fun projects. Experimenting with AVR Microcontrollers, from Practical AVR Microcontrollers, shows you how to create a spiffy set of projects that you can build to learn more about electronics, about AVR, and just to generate new ideas for your own projects.

Alan Trevennor will show you how to create a secret panel project, a gadget to drive your pets crazy, a hallway lighting system, and even a small home automation network.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. About the Author
  8. About the Technical Reviewer
  9. Introduction
  10. Chapter 1: Project 1: Good Evening, Mr. Bond: Your Secret Panel
    1. A Life Ruined by Movies and TV
    2. Making It Real
      1. The Fireline Fiasco
      2. Thinking Again
      3. Racking Up a Success
      4. Hiding the Button
      5. Position Sensors
      6. The Secret Compartment
      7. The Electronics
      8. Sliding Panel Electronics Troubleshooting
      9. Software Commentary
      10. All Together Now!
    3. Summary
    4. Coming up Next
  11. Chapter 2: Project 2: Crazy Beams—Exercise Your Pet!
    1. The Project
      1. Sourcing the Lasers
      2. Project Build
      3. Assembly
      4. The Electronics
      5. Crazy Beams—The Software
    2. Summary
    3. Coming Up Next
  12. Chapter 3: Project 3: WordDune
    1. The Hardware
    2. WordDune: The Build
    3. WordDune Gameplay
    4. WordDune: Game Software Setup
    5. WordDune Commands
    6. General Software Structure
    7. WordDune Sketch Code Walk
      1. WordDune: Declarations Section
      2. setup()
      3. loop()
      4. format_EEPROM()
      5. addToDictionary()
      6. dumpEEPROMToSerialChannel()
      7. dumpDictToSerialChannel()
    8. Summary
    9. Coming Up Next
  13. Chapter 4: Project 4: The Lighting Waterfall
    1. The Passageway Light
      1. Proving Circuit
      2. Waterfall Lights Software
      3. Moving to Making It
      4. Waterfall Lights Mark II
    2. Mark II Electronics
    3. Take-Two Circuit Diagram
    4. Summary
    5. Coming Up Next
  14. Chapter 5: Moving to Mesmerize
    1. Duck Shooter Game
      1. The Duck Shooter Circuit
      2. Making Duck Shooter into a Keeper
      3. Building Duck Shooter
      4. Going Further
      5. Duck Shooter Software
    2. MCU Shadow Puppets
      1. Building the Shadow Puppets
      2. The Shadow Puppet Circuit
      3. Shadow Puppets Software
    3. The Moiré Wheel
      1. Waterslide Decals
      2. Building the Moiré Wheel Project
      3. Moiré Wheel Software
    4. Summary
    5. Coming Up Next
  15. Chapter 6: Smart Home Enablers
    1. Is Your Home Smart?
    2. Socket Cracking
    3. On the Radio: The Un-wired Home
      1. Wiring Up
      2. Back to Basics
      3. Low-Cost Wireless Communication
      4. Smart Home Using a Mixed Network
    4. A Simple HomeHelp Protocol
      1. Using a Low-Cost Smart Home Wireless Node
      2. Door Sensor Circuit Diagram
      3. Door Sensor Sender Software
      4. Door Sensor Receiver Software
      5. Door Sensor Summary
    5. Remotely Commandable Light Stand
      1. Light Stand Electronics
      2. Light Stand: RGB Values Sender
      3. Light Stand Software: Receiver
      4. The Light Stand in Action
    6. Summary
  16. Index