Chapter 5. CSLA .NET Object Templates

In Chapter 4, I discussed the common object stereotypes directly supported by CSLA .NET, as well as many of the high-level details about the structure and life cycle of the different types of business object.

In this chapter, I'll continue that discussion, but at a lower level of detail. This chapter will walk through each of the stereotypes, providing a generalized code template to show the detailed code structure of each one. As a refresher, these are the stereotypes that CSLA .NET supports directly:

  • Editable root

  • Editable child

  • Editable, switchable (i.e., root or child) object

  • Editable root collection

  • Editable child collection

  • Read-only root

  • Read-only root collection

  • Read-only child

  • Read-only child collection

  • Command ...

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