Chapter 4. Podcast Studio Considerations

In This Practice

  • Planning for the future

  • Scoping out your space

  • Getting a pro sound from some interesting situations

Take a look at your recording environment. Does it foster a sense of professionalism? Is it inspirational to your craft and/or set up to help forward your career? Most would agree that the workplace has a significant impact on the final product. Where you produce your podcast is no different. You need a dedicated podcasting studio, plain and simple.

As you'll find out in this practice, studios can and do come in all shapes and sizes. We'll walk you through some things to keep in mind as you start planning, as well as cover some of the innovative ways your fellow podcasters have approached various real‐world limitations. We'll also give you a quick overview of equipment choices and soundproofing ideas, though those topics (and more) get more detailed treatment later on in the book.

Designing a Studio with Built‐in Flexibility

We're working on the assumption that you don't already have a fully stocked and staffed audio‐production facility at your disposal. Furthermore, we're going to assume that this podcast studio you're putting together will need to serve more than one purpose. To that end, your converted space will have to fit a variety of needs — for podcasting as well as other activities.

Planning for hosts or guests

Many podcasters start out their careers solo. At that point, a decent headset microphone and a laptop computer mean ...

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