Chapter 29. Creating a Promotional Plan

In This Practice

  • Planning for a promotions blitz

  • Looking at the benefits of promoting before Episode #0

  • Approaching podcasters with promos

In previous practices in this book, we go deep into the final details of creating your introductory episode, checking your feed to make certain it is working, and acquiring hardware and software that raises the bar for your podcast. This practice, though, provides you with a blueprint for letting people know about your podcast. Now comes the time to map out a strategy for tooting your horn.


The podosphere is not the place to be humble. You have to talk yourself up and let people know that a podcast is coming that is a must have. Even if you are with a podcasting network such as FarPoint Media or Podshow, people are not going to know where to find you or what your podcast is all about unless you tell them.

You need to put together your teasers and promos — and then begin planning a strategy for how to promote your podcast. Think first about whom you want to reach; from there you can get the hype machine underway. Get people talking — it's a terrific way to have an audience anxiously waiting for that introductory episode — and a solid motivation to keep producing content.

Deciding When to Begin Promoting Your Podcast

Hype is a beautiful thing. It builds anticipation. It gets people talking. It draws an audience.

The hardest thing about hype, though, is timing. You have to know when to start it; otherwise, ...

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