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Expert SQL Server™ 2005 Integration Services

Book Description

As a practical guide for Integration Services ETL development, this book shows you ways to implement your ETL solution requirements from the data to the administration and everything in-between. Each chapter begins with a review of pertinent ETL concepts and moves into working those out into a design with multiple examples and related Integration Services features with the end goal of putting it all together to get a solution.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Authors
  3. Contributing Author
  4. Dedication
  5. Credits
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Getting Started
    1. Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
    2. SSIS Review
    3. Summary
  9. Extending Scripts in SSIS
    1. Script Tasks and Custom Libraries
    2. Building a Custom Assembly
    3. Making Connections Configurable and Dynamic
    4. Raising Error Events
    5. Encrypting Data Through Script Components
    6. Data Profiling
    7. Summary
  10. Data Extraction
    1. Package Connections and Data Flow Sources
    2. Incremental Data Extraction
    3. Tracking Data Lineage Identifiers
    4. Summary
  11. Dimension ETL with SSIS
    1. Dimension ETL Overview
    2. Dimensions: The Basics
    3. Dimension ETL: The Challenge
    4. SSIS Slowly Changing Dimension Wizard
    5. Creating a Custom Slowly Changing Package
    6. Summary
  12. Fact Table ETL
    1. Fact Table Overview
    2. Fact Table ETL
    3. Fact Table ETL Challenge
    4. Fact Table ETL Basics
    5. Advanced Fact Table ETL Concepts
    6. Summary
  13. Processing Analysis Services Objects with SSIS
    1. SSAS ETL Processing and Management Overview
    2. SSAS Integration Basics Within SSIS
    3. Advanced Processing and Partition Management Examples
    4. Summary
  14. Package Reliability
    1. Error and Event Handling
    2. Logging
    3. Checkpoint Files
    4. Transactions
    5. Raw Files
    6. Proactive WMI Integration
    7. Building a File Watcher Task
    8. Summary
  15. Deployment
    1. Working with a Team in SSIS
    2. Reusable Packages
    3. Creating a Package Template
    4. Package Configuration
    5. Deployment Utility
    6. Summary
  16. Managing SSIS
    1. The Package Store
    2. Management Studio
    3. Running Packages with DTExecUI
    4. Security
    5. Firewall Issues
    6. Command Line Utilities
    7. Scheduling a Package
    8. Proxy Accounts
    9. 64-Bit Issues
    10. Performance Counters
    11. Summary
  17. Handling Heterogeneous and Unusual Data
    1. Unusual Data Flow Scenarios
    2. Oracle
    3. Other Data Sources
    4. Summary
  18. Migrating from DTS to SSIS
    1. SQL Server 2005 DTS Backward Compatibility
    2. Administering and Editing a DTS Package
    3. Upgrading from DTS
    4. Handling Exceptions
    5. Summary
  19. Scaling SSIS
    1. SSIS Scalability Foundations
    2. Data Flow Optimization
    3. Package Execution Principles
    4. Summary
  20. Index