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Exploding the Myths Surrounding ISO9000 - A Practical Implementation Guide

Book Description

The secrets of successful ISO9000 implementation Thousands of companies worldwide are reaping the benefits from implementing the ISO9000 Quality Management standard. However, there are many conflicting opinions about the best approach. Some companies have delayed applying the standard, or have chosen not to implement it at all. This might be because of a lack of time and resources to investigate it properly, or because of misunderstandings about the way it works. So, how do we know who and what to believe?

In Exploding the Myths Surrounding ISO9000, Andrew W Nichols debunks many of the common misconceptions about the standard, and describes the many advantages it brings. Drawing on more than 25 years of hands-on experience, Andy gives clear, practical and up-to-date advice on how to implement ISO 9000 to maximum effect. Full of real-life examples, this book will enable you to:

  • read and interpret the ISO9000 documentation in order to realize its benefits for your company
  • estimate your company's implementation needs
  • benefit from the results of this management system as positive change is effected throughout the company and down the supplier chain
  • increase efficiencies and reduce waste
  • grow sales as you understand and meet your customers' needs