Chapter 14. Versioned workload partitions 329
14.3.4 Installing an Oracle Database on a non-shared system WPAR
A non-shared system (detached) WPAR has a private copy of all files from the /usr file system
and /opt file system from the global environment.
Depending on the type of storage devices used, a non-shared system WPAR can be based
on global storage devices or configured with one or more dedicated devices for its own rootvg
or other volume groups.
The Oracle Database software is installed inside of the WPAR. We create a system
non-shared rootvg WPAR with one endpoint device, as shown in Example 14-12.
Example 14-12 Endpoint device attached and WPAR details
root@750_1_LPAR_3:/> lswpar
Name State Type Hostname Directory RootVG WPAR
wparm90 A S wparm90 /wpars/wparm90 yes
root@750_1_LPAR_3:/> lswpar -Da devname wparm90|grep hdisk
root@750_1_LPAR_3:/> lswpar -L wparm90
wparm90 - Active
Type: S
RootVG WPAR: yes
Owner: root
Hostname: wparm90
WPAR-Specific Routing: yes
Directory: /wpars/wparm90
Start/Stop Script:
Auto Start: no
Private /usr: yes
Checkpointable: yes
Mount Point Device Vfs Nodename Options
/wpars/wparm90 /dev/fslv01 jfs2
/wpars/wparm90/etc/ob... /dev/fslv02 jfs2
/wpars/wparm90/opt /opt namefs ro
/wpars/wparm90/usr /usr namefs ro
We create a group and a user for the Oracle Database installation inside of the WPAR, as
shown in Example 14-13.
Example 14-13 User and group needed for Oracle installation
root@wparm90:/> mkgroup -A id=500 oinstall
root@wparm90:/> mkuser -a id=500 pgrp=oinstall oracle
root@wparm91:/> passwd oracle
Changing password for "oracle"
oracle's New password:
330 Exploiting IBM AIX Workload Partitions
Re-enter oracle's new password:
root@wparm90:/> pwdadm -c oracle
We set the required ulimit values for the oracle user in the /etc/security/limits.conf file
with corresponding values to conform to the Oracle documentation.
The application directory is set on /u01 with the required permission for the oracle user and
group. In our case, the JFS2 file system with mount point /u01 is created on the system
detached WPAR rootvg.
At the global level, the kernel extensions for the Oracle installation are loaded first, as shown
in Example 14-14.
Example 14-14 On the global environment, is required to run first
root@750_1_LPAR_3:/software/database> ./
./ output will be logged in /tmp/rootpre.out_11-04-11.22:42:37
Saving the original files in /etc/ora_save_11-04-11.22:42:37....
Copying new kernel extension to /etc....
Loading the kernel extension from /etc
Oracle Kernel Extension Loader for AIX
Copyright (c) 1998,1999 Oracle Corporation
Successfully loaded /etc/pw-syscall.64bit_kernel with kmid: 0x50a97000
Successfully configured /etc/pw-syscall.64bit_kernel with kmid: 0x50a97000
The kernel extension was successfuly loaded.
Checking if group services should be configured....
Nothing to configure.
We verify the software requirements in the global environment and inside the WPAR, as
shown in Example 14-15.
Example 14-15 Verify the software requirements
oot@750_1_LPAR_3:/> lslpp -l bos.adt.base bos.adt.lib bos.adt.libm
bos.perf.libperfstat \
bos.perf.perfstat bos.perf.proctools xlC.aix61.rte X11.motif.lib xlC.aix61.rte
Fileset Level State Description
Path: /usr/lib/objrepos
X11.motif.lib COMMITTED AIXwindows Motif Libraries
bos.adt.base COMMITTED Base Application Development
bos.adt.lib COMMITTED Base Application Development
bos.adt.libm COMMITTED Base Application Development
Math Library
bos.perf.libperfstat COMMITTED Performance Statistics Library
Tip: makes available the Oracle Kernel Extension for all WPARs, and it is not
required to be run again for other installations.
Chapter 14. Versioned workload partitions 331
bos.perf.perfstat COMMITTED Performance Statistics
bos.perf.proctools COMMITTED Proc Filesystem Tools
xlC.aix61.rte COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime for AIX 6.1
xlC.rte COMMITTED XL C/C++ Runtime
Path: /etc/objrepos
bos.adt.base COMMITTED Base Application Development
bos.perf.libperfstat COMMITTED Performance Statistics Library
bos.perf.perfstat COMMITTED Performance Statistics
If you encounter an error message, as shown in Figure 14-1, this error is not related to the
WPAR environment.
Figure 14-1 Error message
Synchronization: The synchronization of the software levels between the global
environment and system non-shared WPAR is done with the syncwpar command:
syncwpar -D [-d device ] [-p] [-v] [-X] { -A | -f wparNamesFile | wparName }
The device or directory specified with the -d flag must contain the update images that have
been applied to the global environment and that are needed to be applied to WPAR. The
flag -d is used with the -D flag.
When the -d flag is not specified, the synchronization rejects or commits the levels of
software in the detached WPARs.

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