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Appendix B. Considerations for applications
in workload partitions
This appendix provides information to consider when installing an application within a
workload partition (WPAR). In certain cases, you must use a specific WPAR type to host the
In this appendix, we provide information that is helpful when installing your application into a
WPAR. For example, at the time of this writing, the WebSphere Application Server requires
that you install it into a detached system WPAR. To install into the detached WPAR, there are
several work-arounds to consider.
This appendix discusses the following topics:
򐂰 Installing WebSphere Application Server
򐂰 Installing the Oracle Database server in a WPAR
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server installation guidelines
򐂰 Installing the IBM DB2 Database Server
򐂰 Installing the IBM HTTP Server in a WPAR

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