Chapter 8. Workload partition mobility and WPAR Manager 149
Example 8-7 Default layout of a simple system WPAR
# lswpar -M syswpar
Name Mount Point Device Vfs Nodename Options
syswpar /wpars/syswpar /dev/fslv02 jfs2
syswpar /wpars/syswpar/home /dev/fslv03 jfs2
syswpar /wpars/syswpar/opt /opt namefs ro
syswpar /wpars/syswpar/proc /proc namefs rw
syswpar /wpars/syswpar/tmp /dev/fslv04 jfs2
syswpar /wpars/syswpar/usr /usr namefs ro
syswpar /wpars/syswpar/var /dev/fslv05 jfs2
8.4.3 Networking
In order to be mobile, a system WPAR requires an address. Creating a system WPAR without
a specific address can result in unsupported behavior.
The simplest networking specification for mkwpar or the smcli mkwpar commands is to give an
address to the default Ethernet interface. Example 8-8 gives the parameter to add the
address to the mkwpar command.
Example 8-8 The mkwpar specification of the network address
mkwpar -n syswpar1 ... -N address=
# lswpar -N syswpar1
Name Interface Address(6) Mask/Prefix Broadcast
syswpar1x en0
8.5 Tips for creating a mobile application WPAR
To create a simple application WPAR, execute the wparexec command with the minimum
arguments, as shown in Example 8-9.
Example 8-9 Error creating a simple application WPAR
wparexec -c -n sleep -- /bin/sleep 1000
wparexec 0960-081 Checkpointable workload partitions require additional software.
The error message specifies that the required Licensed Product Program (LPP) for mobility is
not available on the system. Check for the availability of the mcr.rte fileset.
The error can also relate to missing packages for enabling mobility. The WPAR Manager
plug-in for the IBM Systems Director must be installed to prevent the message that is listed in
Example 8-10 on page 150. Refer to Chapter 4, “Configuring and using the IBM PowerVM
Workload Partition Manager” on page 43.
150 Exploiting IBM AIX Workload Partitions
Example 8-10 wparexec -c error if mcr component not enabled
Mounting all workload partition file systems.
Loading workload partition.
1020-294 Checkpointable workload partitions require additional software.
startwpar: 0960-244 Error loading workload partition.
Currently, to use mobility with an application WPAR, you need to use the WPAR Manager
(WPM) graphical user interface (GUI) or the WPM command-line interface (CLI), which is
available with WPM 2.2.1. Refer to 4.6, “WPAR Manager command-line interface” on
page 87.
The WPM CLI in Version 2.2.1 provides the capability to create a WPAR from the command
line, but it integrates it into the IBM Systems Director environment.
For an application WPAR, the smcli mkwpar command syntax is displayed in Example 8-11.
The syntax is close to the AIX wparexec command, but because it is integrated with the IBM
Systems Director database, it has its own parameters:
򐂰 Parameters use short names like -a as long names --resolve_errors
򐂰 -E is specific to WPM
򐂰 -H | --hostname hostName is equivalent to the AIX -h flag
򐂰 -T is specific to WPM
򐂰 -t is specific to WPM to specify that it is an application WPAR
򐂰 -m is specific to WPM to specify on which system the WPAR needs to be created
򐂰 -x is required when, used with AIX wparexec, it is the last parameter of the command
Example 8-11 Help for the WPM CLI mkwpar command for application WPAR creation
For application WPARs:
smcli mkwpar [-a | --resolve_errors] [-c | --checkpointable]
[-E | --description "description"] [-F | --force]
[-H | --hostname hostName] [-i | --wpar_routing]
[-I | --route attr=value,...] [-L | --lang language]
[-M | --mount attr=value,...] [-N | --network attr=value,...]
[-q | --quiet] [-R | --resource attr=value,...]
[-T | --test_compat testName,...] [-u | --script pathToScript]
[-v | --verbose] [-W | --wpar_settings settings]
{ {-t | --type app} {-n | --wpar_name wparName}
{-m | --system_name systemName}
{-x | --execute_cmd "command arguments"}
For comparison with the command in Example 8-11, the AIX wparexec syntax is shown in
Example 8-12.
Example 8-12 AIX wparexec command syntax
# wparexec
wparexec: 0960-383 You must specify exactly one application to run.
Usage: wparexec [-a] [-c [-1]] [-F] [-h hostName] [-i] [-I attr=value ...] ...
[-M attr=value ...] ... [-n wparName] [-N attr=value ...] ...
Using wparexec: If you create an application WPAR using the AIX command wparexec, the
WPAR is not visible through the WPAR Manager tag and is not available for mobility.

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