CHAPTER 4 Interfacing Electronics

This chapter introduces you to the type of practical electronics that you need in order to work effectively and correctly with the BeagleBone platform. One chapter cannot be a substitute for full textbooks on digital and analog electronics; however, there are concepts with which you must be comfortable before connecting electronics to the interface headers on the BeagleBone, as incorrect configurations can easily destroy the board.

Equipment Required for This Chapter:

  • Components for this chapter (if following along): The full list is provided at the end of this chapter.
  • Digilent Analog Discovery or access to a digital multimeter, signal generator, and oscilloscope.

Recommended Equipment

When developing electronics circuits for the BBB platform, it is useful to have the following tools so that you can analyze a circuit before you connect it to the BBB inputs/outputs, in order to reduce the chance of damaging your board. In particular, it would be useful if you had access to a digital multimeter and a mixed-signal oscilloscope.

Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter (DMM) is an invaluable ...

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