Test Prep Answers

Test Prep 1

Multiple Choice

1. d. 2. c. 3. b. 4. b. 5. b. 6. d. 7. a. 8. d. 9. c. 10. a. 11. c. 12. a. 13. c. 14. c. 15. a.

Short Response

  • 16. Prejudice involves holding a negative stereotype or irrational attitude toward a person who is different from one's self. Discrimination occurs when such prejudice leads to decisions that adversely affect the other person in his or her job or in advancement opportunities at work or in his or her personal life.
  • 17. The “free agent economy” is one where there is a lot of job-hopping and people work for several different employers over a career, rather than just one. This relates not only to the preferences of the individuals but also the nature of organizational employment practices. As more organizations reduce the hiring of full-time workers in favor of more part-timers and independent contractors, this creates fewer long-term job opportunities for potential employees. Thus they become “free agents” who sell their services to different employers on a part-time and contract basis.
  • 18. You will typically find that top managers are more oriented toward the external environment than the first-level or lower-level managers. This means that top managers must be alert to trends, problems, and opportunities that can affect the performance of the organization as a whole. The first-line or lower manager is most concerned with the performance of his or her immediate work unit, and managing the people and resources of the unit on ...

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