StarWriter’s File Format

StarOffice comes set to save your files in the native StarOffice/ format, which is the open XML file format called OASIS XML, by default. If you are in a Microsoft environment or collaborate with users of MS Office—and who therefore use the MS .doc file format—you may feel it appropriate to save all your StarOffice-created documents in the MS .doc format. To avoid extra key strokes each time you save a file, or reduce user confusion about the appropriate file format to save to, you can change StarOffice’s default file format to MS .doc format.

Defaulting to the MS Word File Format

To set StarWriter to automatically save files in the MS Word .doc file format select Tools Options, then choose Load/Save in the left index of the Options dialog. In the index under Load/Save, click on General. This opens the Options-Load/Save-General dialog. Here, in the “Standard file format” section, your “Document type” drop-down is already set on “Text document.” Leave that as is. In the “Always save as” drop-down at right, change the selection to one of the three available MS Word versions:

  • Microsoft Word 6.0

  • Microsoft Word 95

  • Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP

and click the OK button. Use your best discretion when choosing which version. The Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP has the most users at large; however, if your environment or people with whom you correspond most use one of the earlier versions (6.0 or 95), then that reality would inform your choice.

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