ExO Canvas

Having read the previous pages, you should now be familiar with the different ExO attributes that Exponential Organizations implement in order to reach and manage abundance. Next up, we present the ExO Canvas, a simple, one-page tool that will help you easily design—and improve—your Exponential Organization.

The ExO Canvas is a management template that helps visionaries, innovators, top executives, and entrepreneurs design agile organizations by leveraging exponentially accelerating technologies. Use the ExO Canvas to design a new ExO or to implement the ExO framework within an existing organization.

How flexible or agile is your organization? Is it an ExO? These are the questions the ExO Canvas was designed to help you answer. It will guide you toward becoming an ExO, one that is both flexible and agile.

The ExO Canvas provides a one-page overview of all of the attributes that make up the ExO model. In addition to establishing a simple and clear foundation for either designing a new ExO or creating ExO initiatives within an existing organization, the ExO Canvas helps ensure that the full scope of an ExO is considered. It provides an opportunity to think through not only which attributes you will employ but also—more specifically—how each attribute will be implemented.

We have found the ExO Canvas to be an effective tool to take a business model as expressed by a Business Model Canvas and facilitate its transformation Into an Exponential Organization business model. ...

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