Execution Phase

This next section outlines a week-by-week process that will guide you through the ExO Sprint. Remember that there are two streams in an ExO Sprint—Edge and Core—and whether you do one or both depends on your objectives.


Are you a leading organization wanting not only to transform yourself but also the industry or industries in which you operate? Perhaps even create new industries? If so, assignments for both the Edge Stream and Core Stream apply.


Are you an established organization wanting to keep your existing business safe by adapting it to external industry disruption? If so, skip ahead to the Core Stream assignments.


Are you an entrepreneur wanting to disrupt an industry by creating an Exponential Organization from the ground up? A local business looking to scale globally? In these cases, only Edge Stream assignments apply.

Regardless of your path, at the end of 10 weeks, you will have created a validated set of ExO initiatives and/or new ExOs, as well as a clear understanding of how to implement them.

When you select ExO Sprint participants, you will also decide how many Edge and Core teams to form. The number of teams determines the number of resulting initiatives. ...

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