Chapter 11. Wedding Photography

Weddings are happy times, and couples want to preserve their wedding memories forever, which is why wedding photography is such a huge business. This chapter helps you get started because chances are good that when your friends and family find out you are even slightly serious about your photography, they will want you to photograph their wedding. This can range from you being the only photographer or just being asked to take a few photos because you are going to be there already. You think to yourself, no problem, I take good photographs and I'll be there anyway; how hard can it be? This chapter can help you get ready for one of the most stressful photography jobs around — from shooting the bride and groom to picking the best gear and checking the exposure on the fly.

Wedding Photography

The bride shares an intimate moment with her father before walking down the aisle. Because the light was fading, I used a shutter speed of 1/30 second, f/2.8, and ISO 320.

Exposure Considerations

Shooting a wedding may seem straightforward, but some real exposure challenges exist. The bride, dressed in white, can cause lots of problems when it comes to getting the best exposure. And just when you think you have the exposure handled for the bride, the groom dressed in a dark tuxedo needs a whole different approach to getting the right exposure. Low lighting inside buildings where they don't ...

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