Chapter 13. Creative Exposure

Until now, this entire book has been about getting the proper exposure — one that produces an image with good shadows without being too dark or has good highlights but is not too bright. But what about the creative side to it all? This is the time to use the exposure settings, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to create images that have your feel in them, that are statements of your creative side. Here you learn to use settings that purposely overexpose or underexpose the image in relation to what the camera's built-in light meter believes is the correct exposure. Also covered are creating moods with exposure and using ISO noise creatively.

Creative Exposure

When I photographed the Golden Gate Bridge from the San Francisco side, I purposely underexposed the image so the bridge would stand out against the sky. Notice how the shadows have no detail visible. Taken at 1/500 second, f/9.5, ISO 100.

Exposure Considerations

When I am taking photographs, my creative process can be divided into three elements: the subject matter, the composition, and the exposure.

When it comes to subject matter, you need to shoot things you love. You may notice quite a few shots of concerts and music-related events in this and all my books. I shoot for lots of musicians and cover concerts extensively. The simplest reason for this is that I love live music and wanted it to be a part of my photography. ...

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