Extended Reality (XR) - Building AR | VR | MR Projects

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Build your own projects on VR / AR and MR apps with 3D game development.

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  • Start creating applications using the industry's leading tools such as PlayCanvas, HoloLens, and Google Cardboard
  • Prepare for the future: get hands-on developing applications using the most popular game engines for web and native platforms
  • Add a flavor of reality to your projects by using mixed-reality voice and gesture interaction on Hololens.

In Detail

The latest CNBC report suggests that starting salaries for VR and AR developers range from $40,000 to $80,000 a year. The mixed reality market is full of opportunities but finding developers with these skills is a challenge since the industry is still embryonic. If you want to successfully enter the industry, this is the right time to join the AR and VR movement.

This course is your chance to benefit from this opportunity by working with these technologies and transforming the way we see and interact with the World. Extended Reality is an umbrella term used for AR, VR, and MR. This course gives you exposure to the Extended Reality world and helps you understand the subtle difference between Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality. Not only this, you'll build a solid foundation by developing applications using the most popular game engines for web and native platforms. By the end of the course, you'll have created your own projects on these platforms and will be ready for the future. Start learning today!


If you want to strategically move into a career in the VR/AR field and gain the skills to quickly and confidently create your own projects using the industry's leading tools, then this is the course you need! Are you keen to enter the field of Extended Reality and AR, VR, and MR? Some prior familiarity with AR/VR frameworks will be useful but not mandatory.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 : Getting Started with Extended Reality
    1. The Course Overview
    2. The Pilot: Understanding the XR Landscape
    3. Different Industries Leveraging XR
  2. Chapter 2 : Bringing AR to Your Web Browsers using PlayCanvas
    1. Getting Started with PlayCanvas
    2. Understanding the Entity Component Design Pattern
    3. Creating a Browser-Based AR Project
    4. Enhance the Project using Animations, Sound and Scripts
    5. Applications of Web-Based AR
  3. Chapter 3 : Creating Complex AR Apps using iOS ARKit
    1. Installing Xcode and Introduction to Xcode Editor and Swift
    2. Creating AR apps using ARKit
    3. Step up - ARKit Applications
    4. Placing Objects at Different 3D Locations with Tap Gesture
    5. Plane Detection Using ARKit
  4. Chapter 4 : Creating VR Experiences and Visualize in Google Cardboard or Daydream
    1. Installing and Setting Up Unity
    2. Understanding the Unity Editor
    3. Creating a Solar System and Visualize in Google Cardboard
    4. Importing 3D Models in Unity and Using Gaze to Move in 3D World
  5. Chapter 5 : Controlling the Virtual Environment with HTC Vive Controllers
    1. Setting up HTC Vive on Windows
    2. Importing Steam VR and VRTK Packages in Unity
    3. Picking 3D objects with Vive Controllers Using VRTK
    4. Creating a VR Maze in Unity
    5. Creating a Navmesh in Unity
    6. Navigating through the Maze Using Teleportation
    7. Adding Haptic Feedback and Deploying VR Maze in HTC Vive
  6. Chapter 6 : Mixed Reality with Microsoft Hololens
    1. Setting Up Machine for Microsoft Hololens
    2. Using Hololens Device Portal for Sharing Your Hololens View on Desktop
    3. Developing 1st Application in Mixed Reality
    4. Getting a Gaze Cursor on Hologram in Mixed Reality
    5. Playing Animations Using Gestures
    6. Deploying Mixed Reality Application on Hololens

Product information

  • Title: Extended Reality (XR) - Building AR | VR | MR Projects
  • Author(s): Parul Bansal
  • Release date: February 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838559694