How to do it...

To add the user interface, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a class named ConVMSVehicleGroupChangeUIBuilder. Add extends SysOperationAutomaticUIBuilder to the class declaration.
  2. We need two dialog fields that we will later bind to the data contract; the completed class declaration should look like this:
class ConVMSVehicleGroupChangeUIBuilder extends SysOperationAutomaticUIBuilder{    DialogField vehicleIdField;    DialogField vehGroupIdField;}
  1. We will now need to bind the contract's data member methods to the dialog fields. This is done in the postBuild method. Override the postBuild method with the following piece of code:
public void postBuild(){    ConVMSVehicleGroupChangeContract contract;    super(); contract = this.dataContractObject(); ...

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